Rolling Barn Doors

Door Assemby Layout









Track Covers

Track Covers are manufactured steel trims and are used to cover the track to shed water and for aesthetic purposes. They can be ordered in all Aspect colors, in lengths of 10′-2″, 12′-6″, 14′-6″, 16′-6″, 18′-6″, and 20′-6″. A 24-hour lead time is required for all covers.









Splice Collar

Splice Collars are used to join two pieces of Keyhole Track (2).








Trolley Hanger

Trolley Hangers are used to roll in the track and connect to the doors.
















Door Stop

Door Stops are used to prevent the door from opening past the desired point (not shown in “Door Assembly Layout” diagram).














Steel Girts

Steel Girts are used in place of 2 x 4 lumber in stiffening the door panel, spaced 2′ O.C.
























1. Track Cover                                     9. Steel Girts

2. Keyhole Track                                10. Bottom Rail

3. Splice Collar                                   11. Side Rail

4. Track Bracket                                 12. Double Coupler

5. Trolley Hanger

6. End Cap

7. Door Stop

8. Stay Roller








Keyhole Track

Keyhole Tracks provide a guide for the trolleys to roll in.










Track Bracket

Track Brackets are used to attach the track to the track board and accommodate the track cover. There are two types which are Top Mount Bracket and Face Mount Bracket.













End Cap

End Caps are used to prevent the trolleys from rolling out of the ends of the track (not shown in “Door Assembly Layout” diagram).









Stay Roller

Stay Rollers are used to prevent the base of the door from swinging outwards.










Bottom Rail

Bottom Rails are used to provide extra support to the door panel.













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