Aspect Panel

Which Aspect is right for you?


The most practical panel for universal application: in true 28 gauge (.016” before paint). It is rigid and strong, making handling and installation easier. Once installed, this thickness is practical—eliminating oil canning and purlin see-through. These panels are made to Endure for years after installation.


Without the heat-forming, this panel is the most economical painted choice that we offer: in 29 gauge. It is the best option for interior application since the panel is used indoors where weather resistance is not a priority. These panels Express a balance between quality and economy.


A newer development, galvalume panels combine the benefits of barrier protection and long-term durability of aluminum with the galvanic protection of zinc to provide corrosion resistance in rural and industrial settings.


A time-tested substrate, galvanized panels are zinc-coated, and they have proven to be the most economical method to ensure corrosion resistance. Usually used as roofing, galvanized panels are recommended for use in animal confinement buildings.





The Aspect Panel

Here at CLM, we are excited to announce that we have installed a panel roll former. The Aspect Panel is our exposed-fastener panel, manufactured locally for the fastest possible turn around. We can have your metal ready in 24 hours—no more waiting for a weekly shipment. Our panel is rolled to custom lengths, saving you from paying for those extra few inches that you do not need. The panel has a 36″ coverage and is manufactured to whatever length you need. Pricing is done by the linear foot.



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Helpful Aspect Panel Product Information

Roll-Formed Sell Sheet

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Why do we Heat Form

Unmatched Versatility

From barns and garages to warehouses and storefronts, the Aspect Panel can meet any agricultural, commercial, or residential need. The symmetrical profile is not only pleasing to the eye, but also comes in a variety of options. With 18 color choices, 2 additional bare substrate possibilities, and 2 different gauges, there is an Aspect for everyone.

Outstanding Barrier Protection

The profile of the Aspect Panel was designed for functionality. It includes a wide purlin-bearing leg for increased panel stability. A deep anti-siphoning groove gives the panel a weather-tight side lap. This panel is a worthy investment to withstand the elements.

Incomparable Durability

Our Endurance Series panel is heat-formed during the roll-forming process. The added heat temporarily softens the paint before forming, preventing cracking over the ribs and the chance for rust to start. Heat-forming is vital for manufacturing the most corrosion resistant panel on the market.


Heat Forming

Why heat form?

Heat forming eliminates paint cracking over the ribs of the panel. Once the paint cracks, it is an invitation for rust. A heat-formed panel adds to the longevity of your paint system and the life of your roof.

What is a heat box?

A heat box is an extra step in the roll-forming process that comes before the flat sheets go through the roll forming die.

What does the heat box do?

A heat box brings the flat sheets to a higher temperature, which softens the paint and allows it to bend and adapt as it goes through the roll former.


Heated vs. Cold Formed 

magnification of the major rib

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